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kanban.pngMurphy Japan is a company located in Sapporo,Hokkaido dealing used automobiles and car parts. Our market is not only domestic, we also export used cars to overseas customers.

We also contributes to motor sports in many ways. I, Tatsuzo Kido, myself have been joining motor races as a driver since 1993 and have been involved with WRC (World Rally Championship) and Hokkaido Local Rallies as mechanical producer and rally team manager.

In 2009, I visited my business partner’s motherland, Tanzania. During a 1-month stay there,
I observed various car factories and parts shops, and realized how Japanese automakers are considered to be reliable and in demand. “Made in Japan” is a great brand value over there.

Through the experience, I’ve earned the chance not only to sell cars, but also to get to know many great people and build a trustworthy relationship with them.

I am also proud of the high quality of Japanese cars, advanced techniques and detailed services by Japanese people.

Our motto is "Offering better products with better service!"

Murphy Japan will connect people in the world through "Automobile"!

Murphy Japan  
President,Tatsuzo Kido

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